Influencer Agreement Checklist

If you're an influencer or a brand looking to work with influencers, you've probably heard about the importance of contracts.

When working with influencers, brands need to make sure that they have a contract in place that defines the terms of their partnership. This ensures both parties understand what's expected of them and protects their interests from any misunderstandings.

But there's one problem: Influencers usually aren't represented by lawyers when negotiating with brands, so they often are severely underpaid for their work (if they are paid at all). This means many influencers don't think about whether or not the contract they sign is fair or equitable. They just want to get paid and move on with their lives—even if that means signing a contract without understanding the legal terms.

As a corporate transactional lawyer and an experienced content creator, I felt it was time to level the playing field. That's why I created a free, easy-to-understand checklist of 20+ essential terms (and definitions) that all successful influencer contracts should include to ensure that creators are treated fairly and that advertisers protect their business interests. 

Don't waste hours googling "what to include in an influencer contract". This step-by-step checklist walks you through everything you need to include. 

Learn What You Need to Include

20+ contract terms successful influencer agreements contain