Hi, I'm Tay. 

Creative Strategist | Vision Accelerator | Visual Storyteller

I specialize in creating video content for innovative businesses that want to effectively market their products and services on social media.

I also help startup founders build tools that serve the creator economy by providing them with valuable insights into what creators need.

I also work with ambitious, high-performers who need help gaining clarity, confidence, or staying consistent as they pursue multiple entrepreneurial ventures.

My mission is to empower people who want to effectuate meaningful change by helping them find their voice so they can confidently share it with the world.

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Mentorship For Entrepreneurial Creators

Mentoring and development, brand deal guidance, and digital resources + guides

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Content Creation & Strategy Consulting

Video content creation, UX consulting

Work With Me

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That's why I created a checklist of 20+ essential terms that all successful influencer contracts should include so you can ensure your agreement is fair and equitable.

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