Content Creation & Strategy Consulting

I'm Tay, a full-time investment fund lawyer, experienced content creator, and creative strategy consultant.

I specialize in creating short and long-form video content for innovative businesses and companies that want to strategically and effectively market their products and services on social media. I also help startup founders optimize the features of their tools, apps, software, and websites that focus on serving the creator economy.

I am a creative with a background in legal and marketing who is passionate about helping companies tell their stories through video.

I've helped my clients build their audiences by creating high-quality videos that are relatable to their target audience. My goal is always to create content to help my clients grow their businesses by increasing brand awareness and connecting with potential customers.

Brands I've worked with as a content creator.

I offer creator economy startup founders unique insight into what creators need most because I am one myself.

I also interact with thousands of creators daily across 3 social media platforms. This enables me to provide valuable feedback that helps founders develop and optimize the features of their tools, apps, software, and websites so they can be as beneficial to creators as possible.

Ways we can work together

Short-Form Video Creation

TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels (Sponsored Posts, UGC)

Long-Form Video Creation

YouTube (Dedicated Videos, Integrations, Sponsored Mentions) 

Strategy & Consulting

UX Consulting (Apps, Software, Platforms Focused On Creator Monetization) 

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